AFTER seven years of painstaking trial and error, Moffitt and Robinson received a top accolade from the Passive House Institute in Germany earlier this year for our innovative house design.

We already had the accolade of being the first to build, both a certified passive house, and certified commercial premises in Northern Ireland.

Now our own timber frame design has been certified as a passive house component from the industry experts in Germany. An internationally recognised building standard for the best energy efficiency in the world.

Moffitt and Robinson are the first contractor in Northern Ireland to receive this certificate for our ‘Morob Frame’.
Economists have suggested you can shave as many as 11 years from your mortgage thanks to the money saved through vastly reduced energy bills.

Company director, Willie Moffitt said, “We have been working on this for seven years. We sent all our drawings and precise details to Germany and they have gone through all the details and thoroughly examined it to make sure it complies with a passive house. We have now just received word back that they have certified the Morob Frame as a passive house component.

“The seven years were spent bringing it to this exact standard, trying out different methods to get an airtight, insulated building with no cold spots and thermal bridging, so when we sent it across to Germany we were fairly confident we were there. We had reached a point we knew it couldn’t be improved anymore.”

The Morob Frame can be adapted to whatever your architect’s design, from small bungalow to large single two-storey dwelling with air tightness and thermal bridging key to the design.

“I am genuinely delighted to achieve this. It really has become a passion for me over the last seven years,” said Willie.
“It has been the aggregation of minimal gain to take all the little components to make a massive change. We are very particular about the details around the windows, but also even how the pipes are laid in the floor. It is the entire fabric of the house working together to get this passive standard.”

To get an A standard energy performance level you must get a reading of 92 plus, but the Moffitt and Robinson passive design has reached a level of 111.

In fact Willie has been told that if they were going by energy bills they wouldn’t know the house was there at all.
To achieve this the design also includes triple glazed windows, extra insulation and a mechanical ventilation system for heat recovery that also recycles the air in your home every two and a half hours.

Willie, who is now recognised internationally as an expert in passive house building, highlighted the benefits for people building a home to this standard.

This includes saving money in running costs and benefiting from better health thanks to the air quality.
He said, “Number one you will have considerable reduced energy and maintenance bills and protection against energy inflation. So really you can profit in the pocket from going passive.

“Passive homes are also healthier to live in and reduce sick days thanks to the air being recycled regularly throughout the house so you are constantly living in fresh air.

“We have built houses to this standard in Clougherny, Mountjoy, Omagh, Dromore, Camphill and further afield with enquiries now coming in from as far as Cork for us to build.”

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