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Passive House Consultation

The international Passive House Standard is a clearly defined and rigorous standard for energy efficiency, comfort and quality assurance of buildings. Designing a building to achieve the standard requires detailed knowledge and a rigorous methodical approach to design and documentation.

To ensure Moffitt & Robinson meet these exacting standards, company director William Moffitt undertook extensive training to gain qualifications as a Certified Passive House Consultant.

This consultation process can be from the early design stages of a new build home to ensure it will be as energy efficient as possible, or addressing issues in existing buildings.This may be solving problems such as poor comfort levels, heat flow issues or cold spots. William will analyse the issue, isolate the cause of the problem and recommend a solution to make your home more comfortable. William also uses his many years of expertise to advise those building a home on the most suitable heating system to use to achieve optimum results and reduce heating bills. He will explain the benefits from the range of systems available and see which is the most suitable for each individual build.

Passive timber frame

Timber Frame Passive houses have many advantages over traditional construction methods in terms of quality and construction speed The advantages of building a timber frame house over the more standard concrete block method include a shorter construction period but the block method has caught up fast in terms of energy efficiency and airtightness.

At ease we can get the timber frame build 11 percent better that the passive block build.

The timber frame house is faster to construct, is more energy efficient. Has less settling cracks if any at all and it is more energy efficient throughout as it is much easier to get airtight.

We use our own certified ‘Morob Frame’ which has achieved unparalleled levels of air tightness.

The ‘Morob Frame’ was officially certified as a passive house component by the Passive House Institute in Germany in 2017. An internationally recognised building standard for the best energy efficiency in the world.
Moffitt and Robinson are the first contractor in Northern Ireland to receive this certificate.

Economists have suggested you can shave as many as 11 years from your mortgage thanks to the money saved through vastly reduced energy bills.

The Morob Frame can be adapted to whatever your architect’s design, from small bungalow to large single two-storey dwelling with air tightness and thermal bridging key to the design.

To get an A standard energy performance level you must get a reading of 92 plus, but the Moffitt and Robinson passive design has reached a level of 111.

In fact going by energy bills you wouldn’t know the house was there at all.

To achieve this the design also includes triple glazed windows, extra insulation and a mechanical ventilation system for heat recovery that also recycles the air in your home every two and a half hours.

You will have considerable reduced energy and maintenance bills and protection against energy inflation. So really you can profit in the pocket from going passive.

Passive homes are also healthier to live in and reduce sick days thanks to the air being recycled regularly throughout the house so you are constantly living in fresh air.

Passive block build

With our passive block build construction method we’re giving our customers the option, of building a passive house with German know-how.
With our solid block construction we achieve passive house standard and an outstanding u-value.
Attention to detail and the right understanding of passive house construction results in a stunning low energy/ passive house building and high quality living comfort for the owners.
Through use of dense concrete blocks within the thermal envelope, the house will have a greater thermal mass, stabilising temperatures and optimising passive solar gains
Air tightness and minimising thermal bridging are key to the design. Understanding and modelling thermal bridging is becoming absolutely critical to predicting the heat loss of a building

Our passive block build are proven to be highly energy efficient, thermal bridge free exceptionally airtight and well insulated with a ventilation system
Health and thermal comforts are two additional benefits.
Because of the levels of thermal comfort in a passive house you can live comfortably in it at 20 degrees. For a normal house to have the same level of comfort you need it to be 22 degrees.
We always work closely with the client to build a house that meets their needs and requirements while offering advice and expertise from our many years of research and development, on making the build as efficient and comfortable as possible,
This may include recommending a design feature be altered to achieve a better result, but ultimately the last decision is with the client who has the final decision on how to proceed.
It is always our aim to see people achieve the best out of their biggest lifetime investment and we as a company want to ensure you get the best results possible Client satisfaction is central to everything we do. We are here to work on behalf of you to make your dream home a reality.

Extensions / renovations/ modifications

Sunrooms – Whether a replacement of an existing conservatory/ sunroom or a new extension to your home, we will make it as habitable and comfortable as possible.

Stonework – Our highly skilled masonry tradesmen can add a new dimension to your home, whether it is the addition of a feature stone fireplace or exterior feature.

Extensions – Our team are highly experienced in garage or roof space conversions, as well as complete renovations to the highest possible standards and all done with energy efficient techniques to maximise comfort levels.

Renovations – Using our passive house building methods we can upgrade houses to make your home more energy efficient with no cold spots and reduce thermal currents which make a home uncomfortable to live in.